Bio: I love me for not only what I am , But for the little I can do to change the world! I hope my poems give you a smile when all you want to do is frown, a hearty laugh when in tears, love when your heart is full of hate, comfort in sorrow, determination when you fail, hope when all you see is giving up, sweetness when you have that bitter taste, forgiveness in anger, a blessing when you are deemed cursed, Godliness when your faith fails, age of wisdom in your youth, a joyous dance when your feet wont move, an uplift on that boring day, sunshine in gloomy weather, and all the beauty that life beholds. I hope I made the World a better place!

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" NOTHING is "impossible" …The word itself says "I' m POSSIBLE"….Welcome to my wordy world. A world of poetry by Miss Mariah (Scarlet) Were. Inspired by goals,dreams& ambitions, nature, people, fashion, the bliss of wisdom in youth, the bliss and bloom of life itself and my uttermost love of diamonds&chocolate :-) . Enjoy your stay! Bienvenue!

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