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“Love is good; but a little chocolate aint never hurt nobody!”…While everyone is busy loving on their sweethearts, booboos, cupcakes, honeybums, munchkins and all what they brand themselves these days;..I am busy loving on the World’s no. 3 top brand- white chocolate ,”Ghirardelli Chocolates”!!

Marie’s Style:

Chocolate Lemon Colors-# Sassy Purple with Lime Green Eye Make-up!…. yuuuum 🙂 ENJOY……..

 “Sassy# …Purple and White# with Lime Green# Eye Makeup#”  

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blog story 2

When life gives you lemons, ask it for sugar, water, ice, and a stand by a hot busy road! When life gives you lemons, demand for lemonade! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and sell it, use the profits to buy an assault rifle and see if life makes the same mistake again! ……

blog story 1

            When life still dares to give you lemons, squeeze the juice into water guns and squirt ostentatious and pretentious people in the eyes!When life gives you more lemons, squirt the juice in your exe’s eyes and run!….


When life still gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade with bitter lemons; sweeten them, plant a freaking “LemOrange” seedling tree, and then laugh at those who are confused! …..

When life gives you more and more lemons, open a “LemOrange” shop, and coin it in French, ie. Le’Orange Café’, aigre-doux (sweet and sour)!  What’s the deal with lemons anyway? Why can’t life give us more “sweet” and “less” sour” i.e. “chocolate”?  

giradeli chocolate giradeli chocolate.2

When life gives you lemons, invent the “Chocolate chip Lemon crockport Cake! with a burst of “le’orange” flavor!

blog story 3

When Life gives you lemons, start the Le’Orange chocolate chip factory! When life gives you lemons, employ your ex in your chocolate factory, sit back, and enjoy a chilled out Sunday afternoon like a boss!

When Life Gives you Lemons

And when life still gives you more lemons, take a moment, thank God for your brains, chocolate, lemons, the chocolate factory, chocolate, your ex, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

                                                                          THE END. .

Have a “Chocolatey” Day!!